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These are called dimensions of culture. Each of them has been expressed on a scale that runs roughly from 0 to 100. Upphovsmannen är nederländaren Geert Hofstede. I den första versionen av kulturdimensionsteorin, publicerad på 1970-talet, fanns fyra dimensioner: [1] Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory is a framework for cross-cultural communication, developed by Geert Hofstede.It shows the effects of a society's culture on the values of its members, and how these values relate to behaviour, using a structure derived from factor analysis. Geert Hofstede (född 1928) har en ingenjörsexamen i mekanik från Delft Technical University och har tillbringat tio år i den holländska industrin med olika arbeten inom teknik och management.

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After a first country has been selected, a second and even a third country can be chosen to be able to see a comparison of their scores. Go further, discover the Culture Compass™ or join our open programme Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management. Country comparison. Select one or several countries/regions in the menu below to see the values for the 6 dimensions. Go further, discover our cultural survey tool, the Culture Compass™ or join our open programme Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management. Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

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A guidebook book to Hofstede's five dimensions of culture ( power distance, collectivism versus individualism, femininity versus masculinity,  Hofstede. II. Breve reseña Bibliográfica: Geert Hendrik Hofstede, nació el 3 Octubre de. 1928, en Haarlem, Holanda. 1932 – 1945: realizó sus estudios primarios  Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures.

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1980. Culture's Consequences: International Differences in Work Related Values.

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The Geert Hofstede model – or Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory – describes the relationship between culture, society, and individuals. This model was originally developed during the 1960s and 1970s, after Hofstede interviewed IBM employees scattered around the globe. Hofstede set the agenda for a critical cross-cultural management studies, which challenged existing theory, questioned the accepted wisdom of universality in management studies. This is the legacy for which he should be remembered. Professor Geert Hofstede died on 12 February 2020 at the age of 91. Culture, what Dr. Geert Hofstede refers to as "software of the mind/mental programming," is a critical variable that guides peoples' actions and reactions. Companies that do business internationally or have a global workforce benefit from a deeper understanding of how cultural differences drive workplace and team behaviors.
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Organisationer och kulturer / Geert Hofstede,  11 träffar på Geert Hofstede. An Analysis of Geert Hofstede's Culture's Consequences | 1:a upplagan. Av Katherine Erdman.

That globe did not survive my parents' wanderings. Since then, the Internet came along, and Hofstede's globe is now within reach of every Web-enabled researcher or student.
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Studentlitteratur, 2005 Organisationer och kulturer : om interkulturell förståelse · Geert Hofstede Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede. Köp begagnad · från Kr 50. Inga nya böcker till salu. Förväntad leveranstid: 3-4 dagar (begagnad) · 1-8 arbetsdagar (ny). Avoiding uncertainty in Hofstede and GLOBE. Paul Venaik Journal of Geert Hofstede, Geert Journal of cross-cultural psychology.1984, Vol. 15(4), p. 417-433.